Third Step: Pray to God for guidance in each of these opportunities for the congregation. 

Please encourage each congregation member to pray to God for guidance in his or her service. No one is too young or old to serve God.

Serving with you,

Mary Bates
NALC Disaster Response Coordinator
(740) 509-1132

How do you and your congregation serve your community and the larger community? Do you set annual goals? Do you have established programs? How do you train young people and Sunday School classes to serve others? How do the men and women serve? Are they growing in faith and discipleship?

Through NALC Disaster Response, each member of your congregation is able to reach out and serve in the name of Jesus Christ.  By developing a Missions Calendar annually and by partnering with NALC Disaster Response volunteers, you are able to identify families significantly in need and be prepared to serve these families who have been vetted through a qualified case manager. Each congregation member has a role in service which will help him/her grow in faith through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fifth Step: Meet with NALC Disaster Response to confirm your mission calendar for the year, finalize your goals for your mission projects, and starts connecting with the families who need you. 

Fourth Step: Identify resources to meet the needs of those who need your help.

Identify opportunities for service, by group collaboration and individual opportunities.

Sixth Step: Go forth and serve in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Get ready for our next
Stuff-the-Truck event
to be held at our annual
Mid-Northeast Mission District Convocation scheduled for Oct. 30.
(See the Events page for more information.)

Disaster Response Missions

Your Help is Needed  with NALC Disaster Response

Sample Mission Calendar 

Your help and prayers continue to be needed in so many places that have been hit by natural disaster and are still hurting (floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and winter storms). Thank you for helping so many already.

As part of your goal-setting, select monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual projects.